Smackdown Live Recap – June 6, 2017

The Good

Shinsuke’s best night yet: Shinsuke Nakamura took on Kevin Owens with Baron Corbin at ringside. Originally, Sami Zayn was supposed to be on commentary, but Corbin attacked him backstage. Shinsuke beat Kevin Owens in about eight minutes after a Kinshasha. They booked Shinsuke strong through the entire match, and he went over clean. The crowd was hot for Nakamura throughout, and each strong move, they cheered wildly. This was definitely his best match and night so far on the main roster. After the match, Corbin laid Nakamura out with an End of Days.

Fashion Files Meet The New Day: During the skit, Fandango and Breeze have some confusion over the words “cologne” and “Colon” and are approached by The New Day who want to hire them for a case – find information on The Usos. The bribe the duo with new rompers to take the case, which they accept. This was probably the funniest of the Fashion Files segments yet, and WWE deserves some credit for sticking with it. It’s at least getting two good undercard performers some needed screen time.

New Day beats The Colons/showdown with The Usos: The New Day beat the Colons in a decent, short match. Afterwards, The Usos come out to “make jokes” and show they can have fun too. They slam the members of New Day before leaving. The match itself was little more than a squash, but it showed a revitalized New Day exhibiting more energy than before their break. The Usos promo was strong again although it is a tad concerning that they seem to be getting over as faces when they talk.

The Bad

Mojo gets a chance at MITB against Mahal: Backstage, Mojo Rawley approached Shane wanting an “opportunity,” not a favor, to show why he should be used more often on the show. Shane gives him an opportunity to join the MITB match if he could beat Jinder Mahal. Mahal’s entrance is even more elaborate than it was before, and it’s a sight to behold at this point. Unfortunately, once he steps in the ring, it’s obvious why he was in the lower card up until a month ago. Mahal just doesn’t have it in the ring. Of course, neither does Mojo, and unfortunately, WWE didn’t try to force him into an upper card spot too. This match was simply bad, but Mahal is getting good, but not great, heel heat.

The Drivel

Lana finally appears during multi-women segment: The show opened with all the women in the ring because they aren’t individuals. Shane McMahon unveils the new women’s Money in the Bank briefcase. Lana comes out, and she wants a championship match against Naomi.  Naomi told her hadn’t done anything to earn that though. Shane then insisted this wasn’t the time to ask for anything or interrupt. Lana threw a temper tantrum and left. The six-women match started because, again, these women aren’t individuals.  The match itself was pretty good outside of Naomi’s kicks and Tamina’s anything. Lana interfered against Naomi, which led to Tamina superkicking her to get the pin. Later in the night, Naomi asked Shane to put her in a title match with Lana, and Shane agreed. The match will happen at MITB.  Lana was over with the crowd immediately somehow, and they were hot through the match even though it was rather mediocre. This didn’t really advance any story besides the introducing Lana into the equation.

AJ Styles goes 50/50 with Dolph: AJ Styles pinned Dolph after a Styles Clash in a competitive six-minute match. The match gives AJ his win back from last week, and he looked strong throughout the match. Styles is insanely over, even if the crowd was hot all night, so the loss last week was just to establish that Dolph has a chance of winning MITB.

The Final Analysis: This was a well-paced show with little bad besides the Mojo and Mahal match, and even that had a serviceable promo afterwards. The segments made sense and moved at a brisk pace that maintained engagement. It will be nice once Money in the Bank is over so WWE can get back to promoting stories instead of placing everyone in random matches leading to the PPV.


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