Monday Night RAW Recap – June 5, 2017

The Good

Roman Reigns goes over Bray Wyatt: The show started with a Bray Wyatt entrance and promo. He blamed everyone in the five-way last night for his loss and how he would punish them. Roman, who he was scheduled to face, interrupts him and tells him stuff, mostly that it’s his yard and punches him. The match commences with a hot crowd behind them. The crowd remained hot throughout what turned into an excellent match for the two men. Bray looked strong even though Roman won with a Superman Punch and Spear combo.  Roman is churning out good matches almost weekly, and the crowd reaction tonight was much more Cena-esque, which puts a new spin on what they will do with him. The time for heel turn is finished, and they are going to just have to go with making him more intense like he has been and ride it out.

Samoa Joe chokes out Paul Heyman: Samoa Joe came out and said that he wants to take everything away from Brock, mostly his Universal Championship. Paul Heyman comes out and says that Joe is the “worst-case scenario” because Joe doesn’t fear Brock. But Brock also doesn’t fear Joe. After Heyman has his say, Joe bullies him and puts him in the Coquina Clutch to send a message to Brock. This was the best segment on the show. Heyman put on a master class of building up Joe, Brock, and the match. Joe looks like a dangerous opponent even if ultimately he will lose. This was the best way to establish this match. Brock will show up next week to avenge Heyman apparently.

TJP wants his shot against Neville: TJP wants his title shot against Neville now that Neville has gotten past Austin Aries as per their agreement. TJP wrestled Mustafa Ali in an inconsequential match and won with a Detonation Kick. As he celebrated, Neville came out and told him that Kurt Angle didn’t want to give TJP a title shot. Perkins doesn’t believe him and wants to go talk to Angle together. At this point, Neville attacks him and tells him he’s not on the same level as him, but he’ll show him that on 205 tomorrow night. It’s unknown if this is WWE trying to turn Perkins face again. Hopefully not because it didn’t work out too well the last time. Still, this should be a good match for tomorrow night’s cruiserweight show, and it was a simple but effective build unlike much of the show.

The Bad

Dean Ambrose ruins The Miz’s celebration: Dean was irate over losing his IC title last night and on a rampage. He interrupted Elias Sampson’s song and beat him up before calling out Miz. Miz appeared on the screen and said that Ambrose won’t get his title shot yet as he’s preparing for his celebration that Maryse planned tonight. This distracts Ambrose enough for Samson to seek revenge and lay out Ambrose. Later backstage, Angle tells Ambrose to leave the building, which he does. Angle leaves later still upset over the text from last week, and Ambrose sneaks back into the building. During the Miz celebration, there is a dancing bear in the ring holding a congratulations sign. Maryse says she didn’t hire the bear, so Miz beats him up and gives him the Skull Crushing Finale.  It turns out, it wasn’t Ambrose, just some kid. Next a huge box comes out. Miz believes now this is the trap so he destroys the box. However, it was a grandfather clock that Maryse bought him as a present, so she leaves in a huff. As Miz rants on the mic, blaming Ambrose, Ambrose gets in the ring disguised a tech guy. Dirty Deeds and he leaves. This was simply a boring and hackneyed segment. They could have done something so much more inventive yet they went back to this idea where Ambrose is kicked out and sneaks back in to attack his opponent which feels like it happens every few months. It makes the feud feel light and fun instead of serious, which is the exact opposite of what should happen.

Alexa Bliss gives Nia Jax her title match:  Alexa Bliss approached Angle backstage wanting accolades for her win last night. Instead, Angle said that she owes Nia Jax and title shot, and she’ll get it tonight. Later, Alexa tries to brown nose Mickie James and Dana Brooke backstage to get their help against Nia, but they aren’t having it and say they will come to ringside only to watch her get beat. Nia controls the match, and when Alexa rolls outside, she runs her mouth enough to get Dana and Mickie to interfere, causing a DQ loss for Nia. Nia comes out and takes out Alexa, who runs away. Nia then takes out Mickie and Dana. Since there was no Bayley tonight, this seems to be the feud there are going with now, and it’s worse than imagined. Nia is not ready for this spot at all. The Raw women’s division feels like it’s in shambles suddenly after this botched Alexa and Bayley program that should have been money.

The Drivel

Enzo attacker storyline continues: Enzo and Cass are interviewed backstage. Enzo promises they will find out who attacked him; Cass is still upset that some think he attacked Enzo. Later in the show, Cass is found attacked backstage. One of Enzo’s necklaces is at the scene, which cast suspicion on him, but Enzo said that he lost it during one of the times he was attacked. Because Cass was hurt, Enzo had to find a partner, which turns out to be The Big Show. They do a comedy bit in the ring with Enzo annoying Show before Show gets in the spirit and pretends he’s from Jersey with full accent. They then wrestled Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson and beat them fairly easily. This angle is still okay, but the story needs to advance a little bit. The Show/Enzo bit was entertaining, but the entertainment passed quickly when the realization hit that Gallows and Anderson have become enhancement talent.

More Titus Brand nonsense: Kalisto wrestled Titus again this week. Kalisto won by pulling Titus’s tights because Titus pulled his last week. Crews laughed at Titus after the match. This story has run its course and needs to advance or get off the screen.

Cesaro and Sheamus do nothing: Cesaro and Sheamus beat Heath Slater and Rhyno quickly and cut an ineffective promo that didn’t say much. It was a waste of six minutes.

Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins main event: Joe beat Rollins with the Coquina Clutch after Bray Wyatt’s Titantron distracted Rollins. The match was rather dull like most of the matches between Rollins and Joe. They simply lack chemistry in the ring, and luckily, since it seems they are moving to a Bray and Seth feud, which at least will be fresh, we won’t have to see Joe and Rollins again soon.

The Final Analysis: This Raw ultimately was a disappointment. There were a few good segments, but most of it was filler with no story progression or purpose. Coming off the PPV last night, the brand felt full of possibilities, but all they delivered was more Ambrose and Miz, a tease of Rollins/Bray, and Nia/Alexa, which doesn’t make for riveting television. They need to mix up the feuds a little and start building new stars, especially in the IC title and tag divisions. There is no easy fix for the women’s situation. At least the Universal title picture is in solid hands with Heyman, Brock, and Joe for right now.


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